Speaking History

Upcoming 'Tour' Dates

Speaking History

History is just your past written down. Check out my past speaking engagements and university courses I taught as an Adjunct Professor.



Upcoming 'Tour' Dates

Speaking History

I love all things tech! Speaking topics can include: Networking, DevOps in Networking, Internet of Things, Security, Internet Safety/Bullying, Women Empowerment, Gratitude, Leadership, and Programming. 


Upcoming 'Tour' Dates

Upcoming 'Tour' Dates

Upcoming 'Tour' Dates

Always looking for ways to share my knowledge and passion for technology. See where I am heading next. These will updated as I get booked. Hopefully, I can share my experience with you, your team, or organization. Thanks!

9 Keynote Speeches ~ 9 College Courses ~ 18 Speaking Engagements ~ 11 Panels ~ 94 Podcasts


"Nicole brought a big game to our recent Women of Trace3 lunch, exceeding our expectations for an inspiring and enjoyable event. Nicole is an engaging speaker with clear and thoughtful concepts.  She utilizes clever props and is extremely interactive with the audience.  Lastly, no one can match the energy and humor that Nicole weaves throughout her presentation.  It keeps everyone on their toes and brings the best out of the participants. "

-Vice President, Trace3


 *Let's Get Empowered Together!*

Message me for information on a personalized empower hour.

Inspiring you inspires me.

I am grateful for all the women that have been in front of me, are with me, and coming behind me in technology.

Thank you. 

You are amazing.

Stay Inspired.

Keep that flame alive and let it burn brighter with each day.

One Love!



It’s nice to hear someone else say that what you focus on, your attract. My mom always said that so it was a good reminder for me as sometimes I forget how powerful our thoughts are.

-Sales Rep, Logicalis

Thank you for bringing Nicole to us.

-Project Manager, Logicalis