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Gabi Api and the adventures in Soda City


Who is Gabi Api?

Gabi Api is the main character in a new Book Series targeted to girls ages 8 - 12 to start getting them interested in technology and software development. Gabi Api is a young girl who created her own robot dog sidekick. In her book series, she will have many different adventures that involve coding, IoT, and problem solving to make the world a better place while spreading love and joy! 

Her first adventure was a result of an inspiration from an awesome developer conference, Beer City Code when Nicole was speaking on the "Root Beer City Code" Family Track. 


About the Authors

Nicole Scheffler and Angela Hill are both women working in technology careers who have a heart for giving back. Nicole is a Engineering leader in Cisco's Partner Organization and Angela manages a security practice for Nuwave. They wanted to do something fun and artistic that little girls, like Nicoles' daughter Norah, could read to be inspired that it is cool to be geeky! 


Coming Soon!

We have big plans and are finalizing our drawings and story during Winter 2019. It will be available for order Spring/Summer 2019, but we need your support to make this book come to life. Please make sure you sign up to get updates when it is available and thanks to everyone who has supported this adventure.