My fav Apps

Cloud Card Printing and Mailing

Send Out Cards is an amazing Website and Mobile App that allows you to build personal relationships through gratitude and connection.

Cool Text Over Pic Editor

This Mobile App is my fav after I make that pic combo with the layout app and want to spice up an image for social.

Graphics, Logos, and More!

From a quick logo, SEO, or a cartoon version of yourself, Fiverr has alot of small services for great prices!

Create Your Own Google Maps

Google My Maps is a service that enables users to create custom maps for personal use or sharing. Users can add points, lines, and shapes on top of Google Maps, using a simple editor.

Streaming Digital Signage

Need to display some image rich social media signage? Maybe one that even integrates with Cisco Spark? Test this out and SHOW the power of social at your next event.

Pretty Digital Notes

Some use One Note or Evernote. I like the features of this note taking and pic saving app for Mac users. 

Growly Notes