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Diversity is a powerful amplifier of innovation

Living the Dream as Tech Diva

I have built my career around technology as a programming and networking expert, education as a professor and mentor, and around community as a dedicated public servant. This site is dedicated to showcasing my life experiences on this journey and also to inspire other women to unleash their talents into the technology field.

A Little About me



A True Digital Renaissance woman who is interested in and knows a lot about many technical things. 

From my Masters in Information Technology from University of North Texas to my 15 year technology career, I have seen first and how technology truly changes the way the world spins. I have been fortunate to have spent a large portion of my career at Cisco in engineering. I have also had about 5 years of adjunct teaching at the college level with courses on Networking, Security, Project Management, and Information Warfare. 



Leading and motivating others in my blood and everyday I work towards positively impacting our world.  I have been lucky to do that in the community through various community organizations. I have successful record of leadership and volunteerism outside Cisco. I founded one full Non-Profit, one technology user group, held many various Board Positions, and advocate constantly for Women in STEM fields. One of my favorite quotes is "One person can't do everything, but everyone can do something." You only get one life and I want to make everyday of mine count towards making the world a better place. As a mom and wife, I also dedicate time to my precious family and find ways we can give back together. 



There are a few things about me you should know. I love collaboration, efficiency,  and I like to look at solutions with unique perspective. I love to walk the talk. We did it when we built the Diva Tech Talk podcast empowering women in tech and I execute with passion daily as a leader in my corporate role. Your experience working with me is always unique and fruitful!

Fun Facts


I believe in the power of connections and gratitude. My FAVORITE tool for connecting with my friends, family, and business connections is Send Out Cards. An App that automates sending personal cards and gifts.

Five Time Clarion Award Winner

Through the work on our podcast, we have received five Association for Women in Communication (AWC) Clarion Awards for Radio - Interview Show and Radio - Women's Issues.

Music Enthusiast and Giver

I don't have the talent portion, but I definitely have the soul for music! It has and always will be part of my life. That is one reason why I love my volunteer work with HeadCount doing voter registration and education at concerts.

Lifelong Learner

Learning is key. I am both a lifelong learner and a teacher. Seems like everyone is a social media expert, but I have run a few strong social media campaigns and definitely know what it takes to go social! I love speaking to young girls about it and have held several seminars on this topic as well as others in tech you can check out on the Speaker tab. I also teach in the Cisco Network Academy and believe this is SUCH a great option for anyone wanting to join or grow a career in technology.

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Digital Renaissance Woman

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